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Original songs written, performed and sung by Paul

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These are song samples, but several times longer than you'll get on music sites.
Most samples have a first verse and a chorus. 
One of my newest song, "If You Don't Love You", can be heard by clicking on the player next to the title. 

If you actually want to buy a song go to That's where I'm currently posted under my name.

 Frankunstein  Some Hearts Must be Broken  I Should Have Trusted Her
 BFF  What If She Said  Pretty Little Reasons
 Peace of Mind  Badda Bing  Tear It Up
 Saddle Up and Ride  I Wanna Go Again  I Blame Her
 Genes That Don't Fit Right  It Shows I Wake Up on Your Side NowI_Wake_Up_On_Your_Side_Now_sampler.mp3
1.9 MB
 Not Enough Hate  My Mistake  I'm Not Laughing
 Six Stones Someone Some DaySomeone_Some_Day_sampler.mp3
1.7 MB
 If You Don't Love You

     Original Songs Written by Paul Rasmusson    

Here's 20 or so of the 50 songs I have.  I've written, played all the instruments, and sang all the vocals myself.   Observations of life with, hopefully a slightly different twist from what you commonly hear.  Most songs aren't what you would call "clearly country" or "pop".  Mostly hybrids of influences. Hope you like what you hear of the samplers.

I currently have two songs "Frankunstein" and "Peace of Mind" on the SongsAlive! CD Sampler 11.  You can check it out at:

This year I will have two more songs on the SongsAlive! CD Sampler 12.  As of Feb. 1, 2012, this CD is now being ditributed to publishers, record companies and radio stations here and in Autralia.  The two "coming soon" songs are "I Wanna Go Again" and "BFF."  

At SongsAlive! I was nominated  "Songwriter of the Year" in 2012 and again in 2013.

 My shortest song is posted in it's entirety:  "My Dog's Going Crazy."
 It's currently used as break music by my friend and fellow hockey player, Russ Avison, on his and Jillian's show "Atomic Dog Radio"  which can be found at

Russ and Jillian's show is now airing on Sirius Radio and 120 AM radio stations.  They have expanded the number of songs of mine they use up to more than a half dozen.

Also, the instrumental version of my song, "What If She Said," is used as intro and outro and break music on my good friend Janet Richmond's radio show. 

Her show is a metaphysical conveying of information from the Higher Selves and is aired on:

Her information is also found in it's entirety at:

Most recently, January 2013, a lyricist friend of mine, Dave Smith and I cowrote a song, "Our Love Was Meant To Be."  Dave made a Youtube slide show to go along with it.  You can hear the song and see the slide show at:





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