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Welcome to my music site!

I am a musician, and overall music lover.

Since I was a teenager I've loved playing music and learning to perform other writers' songs.  For decades I've listened to and learned a variety of music from Alt. Rock, to Pop, to Country.


It wasn't until I discovered the "home studio", about 8 years ago, that I started taking song writing seriously. 


Along with many writers with whom I'm acquainted with, once you have an idea for a song, the hard part is finishing it and putting it all together with a finished produced song. 

Using a number of psychological methods, from NLP to hypnosis, I've gotten past writer's block and on to complete songs.

Check out the My Music page to get a taste of some of my best music.

Every song is written and performed by me:  I wrote all the lyrics, composed all the music, played the guitar, bass, piano, and sang the lead vocal and the harmonies.

You may hear a mixing of various styles:  From vintage rockers like John Hyatt, Warren Zevon, Tom Petty, to country influences such as Brooks and Dunn and Brad Paisley.


 A new song on Youtube, one of my few cowrites.  This one is with Dave Smith, though I do the music and singing:  "Our Love Was Meant To Be"   Here's the link:  //

 If you wished to buy a song or two I have many on iTunes,, and

If you want to be connected you can write me at   or Facebook my name.







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